India’s Mobile Gaming Industry Projected To Double Revenue By 2024

A recent study projects India’s mobile gaming industry will double its revenue in two years. The country generated nearly $1.7 million last year, which is expected to grow to $3.7 by 2024. The study attributes this growth to two main factors: the primary reason being the focus of developers to add more freemium features to gaming titles, and the second is the expected growth of mobile gamers in the country by more than 50%.

Last year, the mobile games user base was 433 million, with many of them being casual and casino gamers. Those categories generated around $638,000, a number which is expected to grow to $784,000 in the next couple years.

The study also looked at the impact of COVID-19 on mobile gaming, which showed increasing numbers in time spent on devices since the beginning of the outbreak. Pre-COVID figures show an average of 2.5 hours that users spent playing games on their phones. That number has almost doubled to 4.1 hours since April 2020.

The mobile gaming market is growing worldwide, but particularly in India, where games like Mobile Legends: Bang Bang and Battlegrounds Mobile India are arguably the most popular games in the country, and both mobile-exclusive.

In what could be deemed the golden age of mobile gaming, more companies are looking to bring popular console games to mobile devices. The success of Apex Legends Mobile has been noted in the industry and other companies are planning to follow suit. Battlefield Mobile, for one, is expected by 2023.

Surely the global outlook for mobile gaming is positive.

(All information was provided by TechRadar)

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