A Look At The Newly-Launched League Of Legends Data Hub

Bayes Esports and Riot Games are partnering to launch a competitive League of Legends (LoL) data hub. The LoL Esports Data Portal (LDP) will deliver competitive esports data to professional LoL teams, partners, and the wider esports community.

“We are always looking for opportunities to develop innovations that are beneficial to the entire esports industry,” said Martin Dachselt, CEO and Managing Director of Bayes Esports. “Being able to work with Riot Games has given us a great opportunity to tailor technologies to fit the needs of teams, players, and individuals. We believe that the LDP will be the next of many steps to continue to professionalize the esports industry.”

The portal will provide more than 150 teams and partners access to LoL data via user interface and application programming interface. Teams can use the data to improve their pre-match preparations and post-match analysis, making for much more exciting and improved tournament play.

(All information was provided by SBC News)

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