Netflix Partners With BioWare For New Animated Television Series

Netflix recently announced a new animated series, Dragon Age Absolution, which will be made in collaboration with BioWare, developer of the Dragon Age video game franchise. The announcement was made at Geeked Week, where fans were treated to a quick 50-second teaser of the upcoming animated show, set to air in December.

Details are still scarce, but it appears the lead character is an Elf from Tevinter, with an ensemble cast of humans, dwarves, demons, and more. The Absolution series has been labeled as a “new saga” with all-new characters, so don’t expect to see anyone you recognize in the trailer.

Netflix has been hard at work bringing video games to the little screen. The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf has been very successful, and has been confirmed already for a third season.

Meanwhile, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, the next game in the franchise, is currently in development at BioWare, but an official launch date has not yet been announced.

(All information was provided by GINX Esports TV)

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