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Blockchain Gaming Site Closes $1.5M Fundraising Round

Haste Arcade has just closed a $1.5 oversubscribed funding round, half a million more than their projected goal.

“We were originally seeking $1 million to lay a good solid foundation for the product/vision and then have some working capital to start testing our assumptions around product/market fit, specifically with marketing outside the ‘crypto’ community,” said Dan Wagner, Co-Founder of Haste Arcade. “After pitching the concept to a handful of investors, it became obvious that we weren’t the only ones thinking ILP Gaming could potentially become a ‘thing.’ We stopped pitching a couple of months ago but due to word of mouth and interest from other investors we were able to secure an additional $500,000 on top of the original goal bringing the total to $1.5 million.”

The lead investor was Jonathan Cogley, CEO of Logic Boost Labs, with additional funds coming in from Thomas Vu (formerly of Riot Games), Anthony Borquez (CEO of Grab Games), Craig Brennan, and Brad Powers (CIO of Passport).

Haste says that the money raised brings them ever closer to their goal of creating games in an immersive environment. “In the future, you will come to Haste Arcade for awesome experiences,” added Wagner. “You will play games, compete, and have fun, but you will also drop in just to hang out, be social, and communicate with the friends that you’ve made from all around the world. You will enjoy immersive experiences in the metaverse.”

(All information was provided by The Korea IT Times)

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