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How Microsoft Is Trying To Make Business Meetings More Interesting

Have you ever been bored out of your mind during a work meeting? Yeah, me too. Sometimes they go on for seemingly hours with no end in sight to the rambling and back-and-forths. But, Microsoft thinks they have an answer to that: casual gaming.

Your parents are right, some video games are violent. Very, very violent. But, that’s just a small portion of what the world has to offer. Microsoft is working on bringing casual games to its Microsoft Team service, games like Solitaire, Connect 4, and Wordament. For what purpose are they adding them? So they can be played during meetings without anyone knowing!

Microsoft revealed that they’re looking to use these games as another way to improve the meeting experiences as businesses continue to balance the needs of hybrid and remote work. Unfortunately, they won’t be adding Call of Duty or Forza anytime soon, just the casual stuff.

Microsoft said they envision “virtual spaces” inside Teams where colleagues can network and socialize with games. Sounds a little metaverse-y right? Well, it’s all part of the company’s broader metaverse plans, which include 3D avatars being added to Teams this year.

So, while Solitaire may not be your favorite game to get you through your next miserable business meeting, it will soon be an option, one that will be hard to turn down for the alternative: staring at your screen and listening the whole time.

(All information was provided by The Verge)

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