Thomas More University Getting Into Esports

Thomas More University will be launching an esports program for the school during the upcoming 2022-23 academic school year. This program will be a part of the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE) and will participate in several hit games including Rocket League and Super Smash Bros.

“Introducing esports adds a new dimension to the student experience as we seek to offer a sport closely tied to technology,” said Thomas More University President Joseph L. Chillo. “The addition of esports enables the University to offer a new and exciting opportunity for our students who are interested in competing outside of traditional sports. As gaming technology continues to evolve, this experience will allow our students to develop new skills and the ability to integrate their liberal arts education into professional opportunities that exist today and those that have not yet been created.”

The school expects to attract between 15 and 25 students during its first year. However, the hope is to grow the program to almost 50 students in the near future.

Thomas More University is a private Roman Catholic school located in Crestview Hills, Kentucky. This institution was founded in 1921.

(All information was provided by The Lane Report and Wikipedia)

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