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Fractal Launches New And Improved Digital Wallet For Web3 Gamers

NFT platform Fractal has launched “Sign In with Fractal,” a digital crypto wallet for Web3 gamers to make for an easier, seamless sign-up process for those who are new to the world of cryptocurrency. Fractal’s marketplace allows gaming companies to drop new merchandise to fans, while serving as a secondary market where users can buy and sell NFTs to each other. Over 121 NFT collections across 85 games have launched live on the platform since January 2022.

“Sign In with Fractal allows users to login to web3 games with their existing Google Accounts,” said David Wurtz, CEO of Fractal. “In about 30 seconds, users can create a Fractal wallet, record their seed phrase, and they’re ready to play on any device. No chrome extension. No mobile app download. It’s that simple. And because it is tied in with players’ social logins, it’s a lot harder to fall for phishing attacks.”

Sign In with Fractal will allow users to start playing blockchain games in seconds by creating a Fractal wallet using their existing Google accounts, no Chrome extensions or plug-ins necessary, as stated by Wurtz. The new wallet will also players to store and trade in-game assets, buy NFTs, and participate in Fractal tournaments.  

(All information was provided by The Block and MarTech Series)

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