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Razer Leads $4M Investment Into Crypto Start-Up

The investment venture arm of Razer, zVentures, recently announced it led a $4 million funding round for the cryptocurrency company TripleA. This money will allow the organization to provide end-to-end cryptocurrency payment services for businesses all around the world while fully complying with global regulations.

“TripleA is a clear leader in crypto payments, an area of interest and relevance to us in the gaming space,” said Li Meng Lee, the chief strategy officer of Razer, in a statement. “We look forward to this strategic partnership with them, accelerating their growth and adoption by leveraging on our existing ecosystem of hardware, software, and services.”

TripleA is a Singaporean start-up company. It also happens to be the first Crypto Payments Company to earn a Digital Payment Token license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

The Profit‘s Take:

I always like following what hardware companies are doing. I have not seen any other hardware company make a move like this. This could be as simple as Razer wanting to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for gaming peripherals. In the early days of crypto and pay walling, there was this idea that you could pay an extremely small amount of money to be given access to a paywalled article. That’s how traditional newspaper publishers were going to make money online. Nano transactions basically. However, this idea was not feasible with traditional payment systems because the transaction costs would greatly outweigh the money made off these articles. Crypto was supposed to be the solution to this problem. Maybe microtransactions will soon be coming to hardware and gaming accessories. For example, buy a gaming headset, and have the ability to pay very small amounts for new features through software and firmware updates. I’ve always liked Razer’s strategy of differentiating itself while moving further into the services and infrastructure spaces. I’m curious to see how they implement this into everything else they’re doing. Now is the absolute best time to get involved in the cryptocurrency industry. When others are fearful, that’s when you should be greedy. Investing in crypto now will have major payoffs later.

(All information was provided by Forbes and TechNode Global)

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