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This Gaming Start-Up Raised $11M For A Metaverse Esports Game

Chicago-based gaming start-up Atmos Labs has raised $11 million in seed funding to begin developing their virtual world. The round was led by Sfermion, an investment firm that focuses on “accelerating the metaverse.” Atmos Labs says they plan to use the newly-gotten funds to begin the initial stage of development of its proposed metaverse game, while also growing its team.

“We’re committed to building a world in which players can generate value from gameplay, own and trade interoperable assets in non-exclusive marketplaces and govern the ecosystems they helped create,” said Dylan Bushnell, VP of Game Design at Atmos Labs. “Importantly, all blockchain-related integrations aside, the games we’re developing could stand on their own.”

As per Atmos Labs’ website, the still-untitled metaverse game will be set 500 years in the future on an alien planet called Atmos, where players must mine for minerals to level up their gear and compete in virtual sports. The game will be play-to-earn where users will have ownership of their in-game items through NFTs and DeFi.

Atmos Labs say they plan to launch a marketing campaign in the next few months to grow support for metaverse adoption and to build a community around the game.

(All information was provided by Built In Chicago)

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