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How Razer’s New Acquisition Could Change Gaming Chairs

On July 1st, Razer Inc. announced that it had acquired 100% of the shares of Go Touch VR SAS, otherwise known as Interhaptics. Following this announcement, Interhaptics CEO Eric Vezzoli officially joined Razer as the company’s Associate Director of Haptics. While Interhaptics will remain an independent entity, its products and services will be “closely integrated into the Razer ecosystem.”

Haptic technology refers to any device that can create an experience of touch through the use of force, motion, or vibrations. A good example of this can be found on the trackpads of Apple Macbooks, which allow you to double click on something if you exert more pressure through your fingers.

Razer is no stranger to haptic technology. However, the company’s haptics come in the form of its HyperSense products which provides “a deeper immersive experience for gaming, music, and more.” Now that Razer has acquired Interhaptics, it can expand its HyperSense offerings, allowing for the creation of haptics ecosystems across multiple gaming platforms.

“At Razer, we know how important it is to create best-in-class products for a unique and personalized gaming experience because we are gamers ourselves,” said Alvin Cheung, the Senior Vice President of Razer’s hardware business unit. “Interhaptics brings leading expertise in haptics and their development platform will be leveraged to expand the HyperSense ecosystem.”

The Profit‘s Take:

We’re at the cusp of an arms race when it comes to gaming hardware. I see it already on the gaming mouse side. Every new gaming mouse is the lightest one ever. I think this arms race will eventually expand to other products, and I’m all for it.

(All information was provided by Google, Razer, and TechRadar)

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