Could We See More PS3 Integration For The PS5 In The Future?

A recent patent filed by Sony seems to indicate some kind of PS3 compatibility via emulation is coming. The “Systems and methods for converting a legacy code into an updated code” patent was filed early this year and referenced several PS3 accessories like the PlayStation EyeToy, PlayStation Move, PlayStation media remote, DualShock 3, PSP Go, and other obsolete equipment.

While Sony’s plans for the patent remain murky, the prevailing thought is that it could somehow be linked to bringing more PS3 games to PS5 using emulation. The new PS Plus Premium membership offers a lot of the PS3’s gaming catalog to players, but only via Cloud streaming. It could be that this new patent will allow for games from that era to actually play on the PS5 using their hard copies.

This is mostly speculation of course, and it’s very likely Sony will never make your PlayStation EyeToy compatible with the newest machines, but it is encouraging to see them (hopefully) working on a way to bring some of the games that you’ve been missing back into your life.

(All information was provided by GamesRadar)

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