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Bandai Namco Confirms Hack

Bandai Namco, the makers of Elden Ring, was the victim of a recent hack. According to PCMag, this hack may have compromised the customer information of some of the organization’s Asian users.

And who’s proudly taking credit for this hack? A new ransomware group, ALPHV (also known as BlackCat), who’s now threatening to leak this information on the dark web.

According to Bandai, the intrusion came on July 3rd. The hack struck the internal systems at “several group companies in Asian regions.” Although, these regions were reportedly located outside of Japan.

In response, the company began cutting access to the affected servers but did note that “there is a possibility that customer information related to the Toys and Hobby Business in Asian regions (excluding Japan)” was taken from the hacked devices. So, it looks like the hack failed to hit Bandai Namco’s video game business.

Bandai is now in the midst of damage control, figuring out what they lost and what to do to fix this issue. But, it sounds like negotiations will be the next step in the case. The FBI noted that BlackCat typically requests ransom payments of several million dollars in Bitcoin and Monero. However, the organization might be willing to negotiate that price.

Bandai hasn’t revealed whether it’s in contact with the group, saying only that it’s working with external organizations to strengthen security so this never happens again. While that is obviously good news, we are still left wondering how much personal info will be made public.

(All information was provided by PCMag)

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