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This Gaming Metaverse Has Already Raised $235,000 On WeFunder

Indie Gaming company Gamestacy has raised nearly $240,000 on WeFunder for Influenzer, a social game built in the metaverse and was accelerated by Google.

“Since 2021, Influenzer has grown to a 72,000 user base of highly engaged users showing an engagement rate that is 150% of our competitors,” said Danish Sinha, Founder of Gamestacy.

Influenzer revolves around four main features:

  1. It’s a gaming platform where users can play in-platform fashion games
  2. It’s a social network where users can hang out and digitally socialize with each other in the metaverse
  3. It’s a social interaction platform where users can post their style, cook dishes, and get feedback
  4. It’s a user-generated marketplace where users can design new dresses other users can purchase

On top of all that, Influenzer was designed to be a safe, non-toxic space for gamers:

“We want to eliminate the typical toxic environment that gaming has become known for,” added Sinha.

Anyone interested in contributing to Gamestacy and Influenzer can do so here.  Gamestacy is offering special terms to early investors who contribute before the $250,000 mark is reached.

(All information was provided by WeFunder and Yahoo!)

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