China Has More Esports Fans Than The U.S. Has People

Daniel Ahmad and Niko Partners recently released a new report providing insight into the ever-growing Chinese gaming market. According to this report, China is the largest single-country esports market in the world with over 434 million esports fans.

Furthermore, in 2021, China’s esports market generated revenues exceeding $400 million. According to Niko Partners, that represents roughly 36% of the global esports market.

Unfortunately, the report wasn’t limited to just good news. In fact, Niko Partners is predicting that the Chinese esports industry’s growth will “begin to slow” as the market becomes oversaturated.

There also appears to be a massive gender discrepancy in the market. This new report showed that 79% of Chinese esports athletes in 2021 were men, meaning only 21% of the country’s pro gamers were female.

(All information was provided by TechRaptor)

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