This Public School System Just Launched It’s First-Ever Esports Class

For the first time ever, the Milwaukee Public School (MPS) system is offering students the opportunity to take esports classes, opening the door to a career in the booming industry. The MPS is providing the funding for the 15 students currently enrolled in the inaugural IT and esports class, which the organizers hope will set them up for esports scholarships opportunities at the next level.

“Esports is a burgeoning industry — a billion dollar industry,” said Wendell Willis, Executive Director of Milwaukee Public Schools Foundation. “But also, at the high school and college level there are esports teams and esports curriculum. It’s pretty simple, when we look and see that our students don’t have something that maybe their suburban or other counterparts would have, we want to make sure that MPS students have that exact same equivalent — if not better.”

To launch the program, MPS has partnered with New Horizons and the MKE Sports Alliance, who are bringing instructors and experts into the classroom. That includes former Green Bay Packers star, Ahman Green, now the head coach of esports at local Lakeland University.

The first session of courses is already underway, and there’s currently a waitlist for the next one.

(All information was provided by WTMJ-AM)

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