Companies Increasing Brand Awareness Through Sponsored Esports Streams

Live-streaming platforms like Twitch have become breeding grounds for advertisers and sponsors looking to increase brand awareness. But what brands have really taken advantage of this new area for growth?

Electronic hardware companies top the list of highest brand logo presence, unsurprising given those companies deep stake in the gaming industry. Gaming computers and PC companies definitely have a personal interest in showcasing their products to as many gamers as possible.

After hardware, apparel (appearing in 7.3% of unique channels), household goods (4.3%), beverages (4.2%), and automotive (3.3%) round out the list of logo brand presence.

As for the top five categories mentioned in Twitch chat? That would be electronic hardware (22.4% of mentions), marketplaces (18.7%), web browsers (7.3%), beverages (6%), and payment companies (4.4%).

Moving on to specific brands, McDonald’s led the fast-food pack with 1.3 million mentions in chat on Twitch, accounting for 33% of mentions for the category. KFC was next with 878,000 mentions, while Subway (381,000), Wendy’s (360,000) and Burger King (151,000) rounded out the list. Doritos was the most-mentioned snack with 458,000, almost double that of its closest competitor, Cheetos (273,000).

Luxury cars took the top four of five spots in the most talked-about automotive brands. Ferrari was mentioned 593,000 times, followed by Mercedes-Benz (384,000), Audi (312,000), Porsche (264,000) and Chevrolet (126,000).

And finally, Nike was the most talked-about sports apparel brand, making up 45.5% of mentions. Adidas was the second most mentioned brand, with 23.4% of mentions. Puma, The North Face, and Champion rounded out the top five.

(All information was provided by Marketing Dive)

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