Fortnite Collegiate Cups Returning

Epic Games is bringing Fortnite back to the competitive collegiate scene, with its announcement that the Collegiate Cups would be returning in the fall. Beginning in September, monthly tournaments will resume in both Battle Royale and Zero Build. These tournaments will feature cash prizes, cosmetic rewards, and more!

“After the spring ‘22 semester we are excited to continue offering more in-game Fortnite competitions exclusively for college students in the United States and Canada!,” wrote Epic Games.

Here is how the fall schedule is currently laid out:

  • September 7th: Trios Zero Build
  • September 8th: Solo Battle Royale
  • October 5th: Trios Zero Build
  • October 6th: Solo Battle Royale
  • November 2nd: Trios Zero Build
  • November 3rd: Solo Battle Royale

Registration is currently open, and will be until September 1st. Interested students will need to verify their college status by sending in their current transcript. Once that’s dealt with, they will have to join the College Carball Association Discord server to participate.

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