Sam Kerr Makes Soccer Video Game History

Congratulations to Australian soccer player Sam Kerr who is set to become the first woman to ever be featured on the cover of a FIFA video game. Electronic Arts recently announced that Kerr will be featured on the cover of FIFA 23 alongside Paris Saint-Germain and French soccer star Kylian Mbappé.

“It’s an honor and a dream come true to be on the cover of FIFA 23,” Kerr said. “It’s been incredible to work with Kylian and the whole EA Sports team, and I can’t wait for the fans to get their hands on a copy of the game.”

In Kerr’s home country of Australia, she will be the lone cover athlete on the standard edition of the game. That special-edition game with the Kerr-only cover will be available internationally as an Amazon exclusive. In other parts of the world, Mbappé will be featured as the game’s only cover athlete.

While this is obviously a huge honor for Sam Kerr and Kylian, this should be something that Mbappé is used to at this point. When FIFA 23 comes out, it will mark the third year in a row that he has been featured as the game’s cover athlete.

But, this moment is about Sam Kerr, who is more than worthy of this honor. So, let’s all say congratulations once again to Kerr for making video game history. You go, girl!

(All information was provided by CNN, IGN, Kelo, and Wikipedia)

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