This College Is Hosting A Summer Camp For Future Video Game Scorers

Vanderbilt University’s music school, the Blair School of Music, launched a summer camp that gave middle and high school students the opportunity to compose video game music. Not only that, but the University has plans to expand and incorporate the idea into their curriculum by creating college-level courses on video game music composition that could inspire and attract a whole new group of students to Vanderbilt.

All this work is part of a broader effort to expand the music program at Blair, which focuses mostly on classical music.

“How do we make it so that our students know that if you audition for the symphony when you graduate and you don’t get in, you can still have a thriving career in music,?” asked Seth Soloway, Associate Dean at Vanderbilt. “You can get legitimate gigs scoring video games, and you can win Grammys scoring video games.”

A two-day pilot for the camp took place at the end of July, where participants from local schools got to work with Vanderbilt professor Pascal Le Bouef, an experienced video game composer, who helped them with scoring, sound effects, and even creation of character voices.

(All information was provided by Axios)

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