Tencent Installs An All-Seeing-Eye In Its Esports Hotel

Tencent has partnered with Ouyu Technology to create an esports hotel located in Hangzhou, China, which is set to open later this month. Besides being outfitted with all kinds of impressive gaming gear, the hotel also features VEEGY, a virtual hotel manager, and an “all-seeing eye” as PC Gamer puts it.

VEEGY is a female computer program that acts as both a hotel manager and an esports coach. All features in the hotel are accessed “under the guidance of VEEGY,” so it makes sense that she is present in all rooms of the building. You can train for hours, play countless video games, and do so much more. It’s ALL facilitated by VEEGY.

“Tencent and Ouyu say the aim of the project is to break down the divide between ‘esports content’ and ‘hotel atmosphere’ that exists in other esports hotels across Asia, and boy does it look like they’ve done that,” writes PC Gamer‘s Joshua Wolens. “By making every part of the hotel mediated by their digital assistant, they’ve made it hard to tell where the esports end and the hotel begins. It sounds exhausting to an old man like me, but if you’re looking for a spot to spend the night in Hangzhou, VEEGY is opening for business later this month.”

(All information was provided by PC Gamer)

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