Riot Opens LA-Based Tech And Gaming Center

On August 11th, Riot Games held a grand opening ceremony for the SoLa Technology and Entrepreneurship Center. This comes thanks in part to a $2.25 million donation by Riot Games to the SoLa I CAN Foundation.

This 13,000-square-foot venue is located on the SoLa Beehive campus. It features an esports arena, a streaming studio, a competitive stage, and 40 high-end gaming PCs.

“Our thought is that this is essentially the next-gen YMCA,” said Marc Merrill, the President of Games at Riot. “In the 20th century, basketball was at the core of the YMCA, it’s a community center bringing people together and teaching kids sportsmanship. In the 21st century, we believe there’s an opportunity to do those same things around esports and technology, that’s what this center represents, plus opening up career opportunities along the way.”

Back in January of this year, Riot announced a partnership with SoLa Impact. This deal encourages the two sides to work together to bring esports opportunities and gaming experiences to underserved communities based in southern Los Angeles.

(All information was provided by Riot Games [1,2] and VentureBeat)

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