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How Amazon’s Trying To Change Gaming With Alexa

On August 23rd, Amazon announced it would be launching a new feature called Alexa Game Control. This will allow users to play video games by simply using their voices.

Alexa Game Control gives users an accessible, hands-free option that makes gaming incredibly easy. Simultaneously, game developers are given a new tool to create more immersive and interactive experiences.

The first game compatible with Alexa Game Control will be Dead Island 2, an upcoming RPG scheduled to be released this February. Thanks to this new gaming feature, gamers can yell at zombies in the game!

“We are excited to debut Alexa Game Control in Dead Island 2,” said Steve Bernstein, the Director of Alexa Games. “Gamers will enjoy a more immersive gaming experience by using their voice to goad zombies, ask for help, activate special abilities during combat, and more, without having to say ‘Alexa,’ use an Echo device, or purchase any special hardware.”

Alexa Game Control is currently in private beta testing and is only available in North America. At this time, it has not been revealed when this program will be rolled out in other countries.

The Profit‘s Take:

It’s not clear if this means that Amazon is listening to us. That wasn’t mentioned in the article. I buy the accessibility argument behind this. But, I don’t know if this will make the gaming experience better. I mean… have you USED an automated customer service answering program recently? They still have A LOT of issues with comprehension, among other things. I’m not sure how this will make games more immersive. I find it interesting that tech companies are thinking about creating tools for developers. Game development has become easier in recent years because there are more tools readily available. I like Amazon thinking about infrastructure in that way. After all, they have dominated infrastructure in the world of technology. Almost every website uses Amazon Web Services. Maybe we see them create a bigger suite of game dev tools. Let’s hope they’re self-aware enough to stay in their lane and stick with infrastructure.

(All information was provided by Amazon, Google, and TechCrunch)

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