LoL World Champions Planning A New Esports Stadium

Edward Gaming, the defending League of Legends World champions, recently announced plans to build a brand new esports stadium. Planned to be built in China, this venue will be called the Shanghai International NCC&E (New Cultural and Creative Esports) Center.

This facility will be located in the Minhang District of Shanghai and will be fully built by the Chaojing Group, the parent company of Edward Gaming. This 50,000-square-meter venue will feature two stadiums, one called Super-E-Sport and another called Super-Show.

Super-E-Sport will be able to hold a max of 3,000 people. It will be the main venue for international events. Meanwhile, Super-Show will be able to hold 1,000 people and will serve as EDG’s home field.

Beyond that, Edward Gaming also plans on building multi-function public spaces in these arenas. This will include shopping malls, business offices, restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, gardens, and more.

According to, this project will cost more than $1.4 billion in total. Construction on these facilities will begin in 2023 and is expected to be done by 2025.

(All information was provided by Dot Esports)

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