Campbell’s Soup To Sponsor Madden Esports Series

Campbell’s Soup Company recently announced that it would become the main sponsor of EA Sports’ Madden Championship Series (MCS). This means that Campbell’s will work with EA to make sure its branding is present throughout the MCS. Additionally, Campbell’s Chunky Stadium will play host to the MCS’s competitive matches.

“We worked closely with Campbell’s to create a custom, interactive experience that allows players to essentially play in the home of the MCS,” said Andrew Echanique, Madden Esports’ team lead. “Campbell’s is interested in using esports as a platform to broaden reach and engagement, and Madden has the ability to do that, in broadcasts and inside the game.”

The 2022 MCS season officially began on September 7th, 2022 with the Ultimate Kickoff tournament. This event featured eight finalists competing for the lion’s share of the tournament’s $180,000 prize pool.

The Ultimate Kickoff Finals were held on September 9th, 2022. That event can be rewatched on YouTube and Twitch.

(All information was provided by EA, Google, and Sports Business Journal)

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