PUMA Partners With Soccer Team For Esports Clothing Line

On September 29th, the world-famous sportswear brand PUMA announced hit had joined forces with the Manchester City soccer team to launch a new line of dedicated esports products. This apparel line includes a limited-edition esports shirt and hoodie.

These esports shirts will be worn by Man City’s professional FIFA and Fortnite players. This includes Shaun “Shellzz” Springette and Ryan Pessoa, who will wear the items during FIFA competitions. Meanwhile, Konrad Skram, Aidan “Threats” Mong, and Jacob “Hellfire” Hansen will sport these outfits during Fortnite events.

“I love the new esports shirt – it’s a cool design and is sure to stand out at competitions,” Shellzz said. “I’ve been with the club since they launched the first esports shirt with PUMA in 2019 and each year they’re more creative. Having our own unique esports range makes all us players feel part of a wider team which is an amazing feeling.”

The shirt costs about $66 while the hoodie is a little over $99. Also included in this collection are PUMA x Man City Playstation controller skins which both cost $17.70.

If you’re interested in purchasing these items, you can do so by visiting the Shop Man City website or by clicking here.

(All information was provided by Manchester City)

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