These Are The Scariest Video Games Of All-Time

Just because Halloween is over, that doesn’t mean we have to forget about scary things. Just ask the UK-based company Broadband Choices which recently determined the scariest video games of all time in its Science of Scare Project.

This study broke down video games into four categories: average heart rate while playing, highest heart rate spike, average resting heart rate, and the overall difference in beats per minute between game heart rate and average heart rate.

Based on this scientific study, MADiSON, the first-person horror video game that came out this Summer, is the scariest video game of all time. This game saw users reach an average heart rate of 97 beats per minute (bpm) when they were playing. Since the average resting heart rate is 65 bpm, that means players experienced a spike of 32 beats per minute when they were playing the game.

Coming in second place on the list was Alien: Isolation, which caused users’ heart rates to increase by 31 beats per minute. In third place was Visage with a heart rate difference of 29 beats per minute. After that was Five Nights At Freddy’s 4 followed by Outlast II to round out the list of the top five scariest video games of all time.

Several other notable titles also made the list. Bloodborne placed seventh while Dead Space came in tenth place. Both Resident Evil and Silent Hill set the record for most entries on the list at three games apiece.

(All information was provided by Broadband Choices, Google, and Wikipedia)

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