Sonic The Hedgehog Crosses A Huge Sales Milestone

We have to give a big congratulations to everybody’s favorite blue hedgehog. According to a recently published report from Sega Sammy Holdings, the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise has sold over 1.5 billion units as of March 2022. The publisher said that these numbers include both full games as well as free-to-play offerings.

While this is an incredibly impressive achievement, we can expect this number to change drastically. After all, the new game, Sonic Frontiers, just came out on November 8th. Obviously, that game’s sales data is not included in this report, so you can imagine that number will grow over the next few months.

Sega Sammy also shared the lifetime sales data for other major intellectual properties in this report. With 40.4 million units sold, the Total War series is Sega’s second-best-selling franchise. Puyo Puyo placed third on the list with 37.7 million units sold followed by Football Manager (25 million units sold) and the Yakuza franchise (19.8 million units sold)

(All information was provided by, My Nintendo News, and Wikipedia)

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