EA Launches Esports Platform In One Of Its Hit Games

On November 8th, Electronic Arts introduced a new type of competition to Apex Legends. This automated esports platform, dubbed Realm, will offer over $150,000 in prize money during its inaugural season which begins in the EMEA region this month.

Jointly created by industry veterans like Eric Faust, Laura Wilson, John Chase, Carter Smith, and Ken McGaffey, Realm is one of the first platforms in the world where semi-pro and pro gamers can take part in a unified competitive experience. Realm acts as a place where players can take part in private competitive matches at any time. Each Realm matchup provides a player with a rating which can then be used to help identify other users with similar skill levels. Once the season ends, players are seeded in ranked divisions where they eventually compete in a tournament to earn a prize.

“Right now, esports is essentially focused on the top .01% of players. Players of lower skill levels don’t get a chance to experience competitive tournaments or places where they can compete to improve their skill. We want to change that,” said Eric Faust, Realm’s Co-Founder. “The biggest prizes will still be awarded at the pro level, but there will be multiple other tiers for players of different skill levels to compete in. Aspiring players will also get the chance to continually level up to get to those upper echelons through Realm’s rating system. Imagine a ranked service where instead of earning badges, you’re competing for cash.”

As previously mentioned, the first season of Realm will begin in the EMEA region later this month. Realm will then expand to North America during the platform’s second season which officially kicks off this coming February.

If you are interested in competing in Realm, click here.

(All information was provided by PR Newswire)

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