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Best UX Practices You Can Implement for Designing Your Blockchain Gaming Website

The global blockchain technology market size is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 85.9% from 2022 to 2030

Most people today have heard about blockchain, which guarantees anonymity, data integrity, and visibility. Networks that are distributed, decentralized, and tokenized are now on the minds of almost all corporate leaders.

Companies and sometimes, entire countries are participating in blockchain projects. Now, another buzzword in this field that has captured the attention of investors, creators, designers, and gamers is blockchain gaming. 

In fact, the global social gaming market will be worth $31.6 billion by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 11.4% over that time.

This growth is due to several factors such as increasing investments in innovative gaming tech and a boost in UX potential, which enhances the crypto gaming experience. Most of us look at these numbers and pose some simple queries, such as —  

“Why do individuals invest billions in NFTs?” “What’s the rage toward designing websites centered around blockchain gaming?” “What are the key parameters UX designers should keep in mind while developing a crypto gaming webpage?” 

This article will attempt to answer some of the fundamental topics that UX designers must consider in order to dive deeper into blockchain gaming’s bottomless pit.

6 Best Practices To Consider While Designing A Blockchain Gaming Website

You may be a veteran of the gaming community looking to comprehend a fresh trend. Maybe you’re an investor trying to pioneer a brand-new industry. Or, you’re a specialist UX designer in the gaming sector in the middle of your career who’s both fascinated and perplexed, questioning if you’ve been left behind on a surge of fresh development and discoveries. 

Whatever your motivations for getting into blockchain gaming websites’ UX design may be, you should spend some time researching and comprehending the field due to its numerous quirks and distinctive features. 

We wanted to take a deeper look into what’s required to develop UX designs for blockchain gaming websites and how to do it properly as an increasing number of decentralized applications emerge on the market. Let’s begin!

1. Embed Trust In Design Principles

To maximize the benefits of decentralization, cryptocurrency-driven gaming websites’ UX design must concentrate on the areas in which this innovation can add the greatest value, including streamlining the purchase decision or enhancing the safety and transparency of legal transactions. 

New tech by itself won’t assist you in drawing in more clients if you don’t provide them with a novel level of effectiveness or a singular encounter. The fundamental ideas behind UX design for cryptocurrencies are centered on the idea of ‘creating for confidence’.

This idea is reasonable given that the tech is still fairly young in many sectors and that there aren’t enough instances of businesses actually implementing it.

2. Understand Essential UX Research Tools Like Card Sorting


To perform customer experience analysis and manage various workflow phases, you have a wide range of options at your disposal. Examples of tools for doing testing include tech for usability, questionnaires, interviews, and more specialized tests like card sorting and tree testing.

It’s simpler to record research, annotate, and transcript interviews with the help of other typical tools. Last but not least, you can utilize certain technologies to gather participants, record online or in-person meetings, and produce real-time results to distribute to the organization.

For instance, a UX research technique called card sorting can be used to find out how consumers classify and perceive information.

Participants organize concepts or information written on cards into several categories in a card sort, also known as card sorting research, in a way that makes sense to them. You can use paper, actual cards, or an online card sorting program to carry out a card sort.

The benefits of card sorting have no bounds. Insights from a card sort are frequently used by academics and designers to:

  • Make a website or homepage’s information architecture (IA) user-friendly.
  • Study how various thoughts or ideas are perceived by people as well as how they affect them.
  • Recognize where users anticipate finding particular content
  • Find ideas for classifying and labeling stuff or concepts.

3. Include The Basic Elements Of Blockchain Design


As per recent studies, gaming is key to the success of blockchain. In fact, the gaming sector accounts for 50.51% of the blockchain industry

Hence, it’s crucial to consider some of the fundamental blockchain elements while creating a seamless UX for your crypto-driven gaming website:

  • Ensure uniformity: To make people feel at ease when dealing with your product, ensure consistency, particularly when creating a new interface.
  • Include interactive elements: While interactivity won’t work well in a major corporate blockchain-based gaming application that uses cryptocurrency or smart contracts, it’s ideal if you’re just designing a site for a start-up.
  • Take note of the irrevocability: Making sure your consumers are aware of cryptocurrency irreversibility is crucial because there’s no option to reverse and undo a transfer while using blockchain technology.
  • Instruct your customers: However, careful counsel can help customers attain their goals immediately and keep them from committing errors down the road. The border between helping your clients and rendering them feel dumb could be more delicate than you believe.
  • Encourage comments: Create a space where consumers can make suggestions or voice grievances when you deliver a new encounter since you most certainly won’t have any established user behavioral patterns.

4. Understand How To Use Blockchain’s Key Concepts

Creating blockchain-based business solutions while using smart contracts or cryptocurrency wallets is a completely different matter. The following are the main blockchain characteristics you should take into account to make your gaming website appealing to customers:

  1. Security

Your users must feel confident that cryptocurrency will secure their information from the moment they engage with your website. 

When creating your app, bear it in mind because consumers frequently send confidential material to decentralized applications, like legal documentation or other private details. 

A typical user most likely won’t be capable of verifying that data is secured by blockchain storage and maintained there. Employ notifications that reassure consumers of their safety during crucial processes to give them a sense of security.

  1. Speed

One-second transfers on a central hub can take up to 60 seconds on a cryptocurrency-driven platform, where the mean transaction takes far longer. Users won’t be accustomed to something like this.

Hence, your client will have to be updated frequently on the transaction’s progress in addition to being shown the transaction’s status at each stage.

  1. Hashes

The hashes of documents or individual blockchain credentials are exceedingly lengthy. Although there’re situations when you must abbreviate them, users typically utilize the full number. 

Give them a chance to replicate the entire hash in the simplest method available, and don’t fail to let them know about it.

  1. Individual keys

Individuals are accustomed to being able to retrieve their passwords if they’re forgotten or lost. Although it may take a while to restore a lost password, it’s always doable. Blockchain completely alters this UX pattern. 

You must ensure that the onboarding procedure alerts users about the unique constraint of blockchain technology. Your users must recognize the seriousness of deleting a private key.

5. Focus On A Plain UI


Among the first items, one will use while accessing the web3 environment is a wallet. Hence, it’s crucial that cryptocurrency wallets be created with the idea that users might be novices with little experience.

Wallets can be used for many things, including purchasing, sending, and storing cryptocurrency. Messy user interfaces will only mislead beginners. To prevent the user from getting stuck in the workflow, ensure that everything is in one location.

A wallet handle is another crucial factor to take into account while using e-wallets. The majority of these appear as a randomized mess of characters and numbers, which has made them somewhat of a hurdle in the blockchain arena.

Digital wallets have to think of a different approach to include addresses or simplify the process of finding and sending addresses.

6. Build A Location For NFTs

Instead of forcing consumers to go to the website, let them check their NFTs on your homepage. Again, it’s critical to design an experience for your audience. Your NFT will be considerably more appealing to prospective users if it has a backstory. 

It aids in integrating and educating people so they contribute to the project. The plot should be developed over time in order to retain your community’s interest

Additionally, it’s important to give users a lasting gameplay experience when it concerns play-to-earn games. Unlike earlier gaming industries, where gamers are more focused on visuals and realism, blockchain players are more focused on financial gain.

It’s crucial that games provide players with long-term benefits because the value of gaming NFTs is most likely affected by how many people are engaged in the game.

Blockchain Gaming Opens Up Multiple Prospects For A Creative Website UX

Decentralization opens up a lot of possibilities, however, it also puts more responsibility on the user, particularly when it comes to irreversibility or misplacing a personal key. Despite that, we anticipate people to get familiar with the benefits and safety of blockchain over time.

It’s not necessary to recreate the wheel because the blockchain customer experience continues to be a user experience irrespective of all the extra features, restrictions, and constraints. Most well-known flowcharts and concepts are still beneficial and applicable.

The more involved you’re in the design process from the start, the simpler it’ll be for you to work within the limitations of technological advances and you’ll be able to provide a seamless UX to customers as a consequence.

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