More Ads For Microsoft Gamers?

Is Microsoft looking to bring more ads to video games? That certainly sounds like a possibility after the technology giant reportedly filed a patent that outlined a system that would bring personalized ad content to Xbox Series X|S gamers while they play.

The title of the patent basically tells us that’s what they’re looking to do. After all, it’s called “Providing personalized content for unintrusive online gaming experience.”

The patent describes a system where personalized ads can be created for cloud-based and internet-connected games. These personalized ads would be all over the place, whether on billboards in driving games, behind the goal in soccer games, or on the jerseys of other sports games. More importantly, it’s been explained that the ads would be “continuously visible.”

Obviously, nothing is set in stone yet, But, let’s just hope this isn’t a sign of more things to come.

(All information was provided by Comicbook Gaming and PCMag)

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