Streetwear Apparel Line Launched By Champion And Complexity Gaming

Complexity Gaming recently unveiled a partnership with the sportswear fashion company Champion. This deal saw the two organizations launch a limited-edition streetwear apparel line called DOMAIN.

The DOMAIN clothing line has a very limited selection. In fact, the collaboration only features two articles of clothing: a DOMAIN hoodie and a pair of DOMAIN sweatpants.

“We approached Champion with the idea of creating merchandise with a deeper context. Complexity x Champion reflects the championship-winning mentality of our brand, and that’s something we strive to capture with all of our content, products, and fan culture,” Kyle Bautista, the COO at Complexity Gaming, told Esports Insider.

The Complexity Gaming x Champion DOMAIN clothing line was launched at 3:00 PM EST on Friday, November 19th. The hoodie costs $65 while the sweatpants will run you $55.

(All information was provided by Complexity Gaming and Esports Insider)

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