Queen Mary’s College Creating Ambassador Network Through eSportskred Partnership

Queen Mary’s College, a sixth-form college based in the United Kingdom, recently partnered with eSportskred to create an ambassador network for sixth-form students and staff members. The goal of this endeavor is to help users reach new audiences while allowing for the development of marketing campaigns that align with the school’s core values.

“I constantly seek innovation for better, responsive curriculum delivery that meets the needs and interests of our students whilst sustaining the financial stability of the college,” said James Fraser-Murison, the director of learning for the creative arts at Queen Mary’s College. “eSportskred’s solution enables us to build a scalable ambassador network with academic staff, students and ambassadors. We can now have one digital community and platform to showcase our students’ innovative works and to broaden their vision while working with well-known brands.”

Students will demonstrate their coursework on social and streaming channels accessible through eSportskred’s technology platform. This will create a network of influencers that can connect users with sponsorship opportunities within the gaming industry.

Queen Mary’s College is a sixth-form school that is located in Basingstoke, England. Sixth form colleges are educational institutions for students between the ages of 16 and 19 that offer studies in advanced school-level qualifications.

(All information was provided by Esports News UK, Google, Wikipedia)

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