Famous Candy Brand Enters The Gaming Space With New Partnership

Mike and Ikes are making their way into the gaming space. On July 12th, the fruit-flavored candy brand announced that it had agreed to a partnership with the world-famous esports organization Dignitas in a deal that will see Mike and Ikes become the official candy sponsor of Dignitas’ Fortnite division. This marks the first Fortnite-themed collaboration for the esports org.

This deal will also see the two sides work together to produce new video content series called In The Mix and Sweet Plays, with the latter coming out on TikTok. And, if that wasn’t enough, Mike and Ikes will work with Dignitas to put on a brand-new competition series known as Flavor Brawl. Each video and competition will feature a fan-favorite Dignitas team member participating in the event.

“We couldn’t be happier to work alongside Mike and Ike as our first Fortnite-specific partner,” said John Spiher, the SVP of Partnerships for Dignitas. “They add a sweet new aspect to all we are building in the Fortnite space and are as dedicated to serving this community as we are.”

To celebrate this newfound partnership, a streaming event was held on July 14 hosted by Mike and Ikes, Dignitas, and Twitch streamer Piero “pgod” Ramirez. Viewers that tuned into the event had the chance to win Mike and Ike products, Dignitas merchandise, and even Fortnite V-Bucks.

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