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Major Clothing Designer Wants More Women In Esports

Burberry has partnered with esports organization Gen.G to launch a four-part educational series aimed at highlighting the lack of inclusivity in the competitive gaming space. The series will be shown on Burberry’s website, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch channels, and will be hosted by gamer and creator Emily Ghoul.

Featured guests will include content creator Jessica Kim, esports commentator Evan “Raynday” Raynr, and the co-founder of the Latinx in Gaming platform Cristina Amaya. Speakers from Burberry will be Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion Geoffrey Williams and Senior Computer Aided Design Manager Lucy Goodyear.

“There is so much to be done, in gaming, with women,” said BrookeAB, a prominent female Twitch streamer, and gamer. “To see them want to be involved in gaming is really cool. I think that it brings a new level to gaming, that these big luxury brands are seeing the value in an audience that they might not have reached before.”

Each episode will look at topics, according to Burberry, that aim to “reframe the ‘play to win’ narrative in esports into one that is actively promoting inclusion and changes within the gaming community” and discuss “common challenges facing women within gaming.”

(All information was provided by Vogue Business)

The Profit‘s Take:

We’ve been doing this for much longer than Burberry and Gen.G. So, we’re way better than everybody else when it comes to this type of content. (No offense Gen.G). It’s always fascinating to see new companies enter the esports space. And, this is a very interesting first move from Burberry. There is definitely more opportunity and white space going after women. And, more often than not, women are the consumers of luxury brand products, whether it’s for themselves or their significant other. I think this makes sense. I have to admit, though, that I was put off by this only being four episodes. It feels a little bit like lip service at that point. If you’re committed to the cause, go after it and create content surrounding it week after week (like us).

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