Camp Knut Generates Massive Twitch Viewership

IRL Twitch Streamer and bodybuilder Knut Spildrejorde worked with OTK members this summer in a 30-day fitness boot camp, Camp Knut, to help the crew get in shape and educate viewers on fitness best practices. The program was produced and assisted by Holodeck Media and The Business of Esports.

The content creators live streamed the boot camp on their individual Twitch channels, showing detailed workouts, meal prep, and, even, days when they “cheated” on their plan.

In total, the group streamed 500 hours of Camp Knut content over the 30 days, garnering 9 million hours watched. Mizkif’s content generated the highest viewership, with 3.7 million hours watched. Knut and Nmplol both garnered 2 million hours watched. EsfandTV, Cyr, Tectone, and wakewilder, who helped the creators in their training efforts, all garnered under half a million hours each. Mizkif also had the highest peak viewership of any of the creators, with 94,000 peak viewers during the Camp Knut finale stream.

Camp Knut was a unique event for the OTK crew and helped boost viewership for some of the creators. In fact, in Q3, eight of Mizkif’s top ten live streaming sessions by peak viewers were Camp Knut content, all hitting over 60,000 views. The event was a fresh take on IRL streams, giving viewers both entertaining content they expect from the OTK crew as well as educational information regarding fitness, workouts, and meal plans from professional bodybuilder, Knut.

Collaborating on content is a great way for creators to expand their audience and branch out from their usual cohorts. Events like Camp Knut also allow for co-branding opportunities, merch sales, and give an opportunity for brands to sponsor the event, which provides so much content and potential viewership. Clips from the live streams can also be turned into YouTube videos, shorts, TikToks, Instagram reels, and other short-form content that can be viewed on demand and in the future.

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