ESE Entertainment Partners With Cowana GmbH

On March 24th, ESE Entertainment Inc. announced it had agreed to a partnership with Cowana GmbH, a well-known esports company. As a result of this deal, ESE will work on several collaborations with Cowana, allowing the companies to combine their resources in order to identify new potential business opportunities in Europe while helping both organizations expand their global footprints.

“Cowana has a proven business model in the esports and gaming sector. This is supported by the tier-1 customers that Cowana has worked with including Red Bull, Bethesda Softworks, Capcom, NVIDIA, BENQ, and more,” said Konrad Wasiela, the Founder of ESE. “This partnership enables ESE to expand its operational capability to execute further gaming and esports technologies, physical and virtual production broadcasts, including augmented and virtual reality across the world, and more. We anticipate this partnership will put us in a position to drive more revenue and accelerate growth globally.”

Cowana is a famous esports entertainment company that operates out of Germany. The organization specializes in the development of full-service technologies, event execution, brand solutions, production services, and digital marketing campaigns.

(All information was provided by Yahoo! Finance)

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