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Axe Body Spray Launches Fortnite Activation

Axe body spray is entering the world of video games. The male grooming brand recently unveiled a partnership with the world-famous streamer and former Fortnite World Cup champion Kyle Giersdorf, or as you probably know him, Bugha. Thanks to this deal, Axe teamed up with Bugha to create an in-game Fortnite landscape and experience known as the Mistaverse.

This in-game island will serve as a place where interested users can participate in Fortnite’s popular Capture the Flag challenge. If you visit the island in the game, you will also be able to collect Med Mist cans that provide your character with different power-ups.

And, because it’s Fortnite, the Mistaverse island will feature a variety of hidden easter eggs. Some of these easter eggs reference One Piece, cryptocurrencies, and even one of Axe’s biggest competitors: Old Spice.

In an official statement, the grooming brand said “Like Med Mist, Axe is all about giving guys everywhere a power-up. And, Axe believes that when you smell good, life opens up a world of possibilities.”

The Mistaverse officially went live in Fortnite on June 15th. Unfortunately, we have no idea how long this activation will last.

(All information was provided by Bleeding Cool, Google, Marketing Dive, and The Drum)

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