New iPhone Built To Accommodate Gaming And Streaming

The newest generation Apple phone, the iPhone 14, is scheduled to come out next month. And, according to Marketing Dive, this product comes in two sizes: a 6.1-inch screen and a bigger 6.7-inch screen that will better accommodate streaming and gaming.

“This keynote and the new range of iPhone 14 flagship devices look a bit of déjà-vu and yes, being 15 years old, the iPhone is getting closer to becoming an adult and mature device benefiting mostly from what may be perceived as just incremental innovation,” said Thomas Husson, Forrester‘s vice president, in an email. “However, the devil is in the details: Apple is incredibly good at making the total sum of these customer experience details a differentiated branded experience. And, more importantly in the context of rising inflation, a strong dollar, supply chain issues, and geopolitical tensions, Apple masters better than anyone the art and science of pricing.”

Apple is marketing the larger phone as the iPhone 14 Plus and Pro Max models. These products were designed to cater to people who spend a lot of time “watching videos or playing video games on their phones.”

The larger iPhones will have a starting price of $899. They feature higher-quality cameras, faster 5G capabilities, digital SIM cards, and longer battery life.

(All information was provided by Marketing Dive and The Verge)

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