Esports Org Teams Up With Jack Link’s For Marketing Campaign

Food brand Jack Link’s has teamed up with the esports organization Fnatic for a brand new digital marketing campaign. Dubbed #BeefaLaResistance, this campaign aims to make Jack Link’s Beef Jerky the number one snack for gamers around the world.

This two-month-long campaign was officially launched on August 1st, 2022. This aims to recruit gamers to enjoy Jack Link’s products by completing five tasks that encourage gamers to show their support for both brands through the use of unique hand gestures.

The first part of the campaign runs through August 27th. During this phase, individuals are encouraged to sign up for the campaign on the Fnatcis x Jack Link’s landing page. This will make select individuals eligible to receive unique prizes including exclusive access to secret meetups.

During the second phase of the campaign, Fnatic and jack Link’s will host an exclusive afterparty event at this year’s gamescom which runs from August 25th to the 28th. Here, #BeefaLaResistance “will be brought to life.”

“Our latest campaign with Jack Link’s is testament to our continued relationship with the brand, at the perfect intersection of gaming and snacking,” said Sam Matthew, Fantic’s founder. “We think the insights behind the campaign – that snacking on Jack Link’s prevents greasy fingers and crumbs in your gaming hardware while delivering high protein – are immediately identifiable for gamers, and we’re looking forward to bringing our network on board to join the community and help stop the feed.”

(All information was provided by European Gaming, Fantic, and Wikipedia)

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